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Sponsorship License for Companies


Company Sponsorship License & Management

We offer professional services to our corporate clients to fulfil their needs to apply for Tier 2/ Tier 5 Sponsorship license for their companies. Our expert team will conduct preliminary assessments for the company’s eligibility and requirements to apply for the sponsorship license.

This can help the companies to employ potential migrants within and outside the UK. We are specialised in Information and communication, Health care, manufacturing, restaurant and all other domains to work to achieve the Tier 2/Tier 5 Sponsorship license.

We can consult, guide and support on end to end application process. We will offer our expert service in each phase to ensure the UKVI compliance and suitability as per the company. Our qualified professionals will help you for the complete documentation, application submission, manage the office requirements to follow the best practices, support to attend the interview with UKVI officials as part of the application process.

Once your license application is successful, we can help you to manage it in a professional way. If your license is manged well, you will be able to maintain it on a long term basis. If the company can manage the license in a professional support, it will not attract unnecessary checks or audit from UKVI. Our experts can advise you to manage your company license to maintain as per the expected standards from UKVI. When we manage your company’s license, we will manage the services related to SMS (Sponsorship Management System), advice the human resource process and documentation in your organisation.

We have rich experience to handle lot of applications under Tier 2 / Tier 5 license category. If you have parent company in other country and you are running as a subsidiary in the UK, we can help you to bring the resources through ICT (Intra company transfer) to employ the expert skills from outside the UK for short term or long term basis. This approach will help you to coordinate your business under onsite – offshore model to achieve the best operational efficiency.

Irrespective of the size of your business, we can offer you the best services to achieve Tier 2/Tier 5 license for your company. We have lots of success stories even many people were struggling due to their earlier refusal and we could rectify those to approve their license from UKVI sponsorship management team.

If you are looking to enhance your business potential and focussed on growth and future business potential in the UK, we are happy to take part in your accomplishments.

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