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  • Venkat P

  • -Tier 2 sponsorship license-London

Superb service , we were kept updated every step of the process. Excellent customer service and I would recommend this company without any doubt.

  • Ramana Dhavala

  • -Sponsorship License-St Albans

Manoj and Shamyla offered a friendly and professional service all through the process of applying for sponsorship license. The team has deep knowledge in this area. I'd happily recommend Loyal Immigration for any immigration related services. Thank you Loyal Immigration.

  • Srinivas Kandasamy

  • -UK visas-Slough

We have used Loyal Immigration for our ILR,Naturalisation and British passport. Very flexible and effective service.Thanks Mr Kumar and team

  • Poonam Gupta

  • -Tier 1 entrepreneur extension-Bromley

I would like to thanks to Loyal Immigration amazing help and support in dealing with my case.The lawyer who dealt with my case was very helpful and gave me very good advice.Friendly and cost effective legal support .Sorted out my application for Tier 1 entrepreneur extension quickly and efficiently. You can contact them for any immigration matter.

  • Surya R

  • -Tier 2 general license-Richmond

Very quick Very easy Very satisfied My Company Tier 2 general license granted !

  • Sai Sree

  • -Tier 2 general license-Leeds

Great to deal with. Always very happy to answer any questions and overall a very smooth and painless process.My company got Tier 2 (A rating) status.Thanks team !

  • Ganesh Ramanath

  • -T2 License -London

Our company's Tier 2 general license application was successful within two months.We are sure this is due to the excellent advice provided by Immigration lawyer when preparing our application.Never had any issues and I would definitely recommend them .

  • Vijaya Laxmi Muniswamy

  • -Visitor Visa-Croydon

After completing and submitting myself an application for my Mom's visitor visa was rejected due to some missing documentation.We contacted Loyal Immigration immediately ,who worked to resubmit Mom's visa applications with the necessary documentation.Her visa granted.He was extremely professional, thoughtful and considerate.Highly recommended to anyone who's seeking UK visa process.

  • Rajesh Krishnamurthy

  • -Tier2 ICT to Tier 1 entrepreneur-Bristol

Loyal Immigration Lawyers has delivered very professional solution and high quality service on my Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa.I very appreciate the good work Mr Kumar and his team have done my visa application.Would highly recommend.

  • Ajith Kumar

  • -Tier 2 license -Birmingham

Friendly and helpful staff .Tier 2 license application approved.Thanks again

  • Rahul R

  • -UK Ltd company Tier 2 General License-London

Good to work with and very helpful service.My Ltd company name now in Tier 2 sponsor list.

  • Ajay Kumar

  • -Tier 2 general license-Leeds

Excellent communications from Manoj and team throughout process of getting my company Tier 2 license.

  • Harish

  • -ILR-10 Years-Croydon

A big thank you for how smoothly you handled my application- it is very much appreciated

  • Abhishek

  • -Ltd company Tier 2 General License-London

Thank you Loyal Immigration for the great job you do! I am so pleased I used your services and will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a immigration Lawyer.

  • Ishan Kapoor

  • -Tier 1 entrepreneur extension-Birmingham

Loyal Immigration went to great lengths to get my Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa extension sorted and was very efficient in every stage of the whole process. Kumar,he took all my worry's away and got the job done very fast.Big Thank you

  • Amit

  • -Tier 2 (A rating) license-London

Loyal Immigration have done a great job for us.My company got Tier 2 (A rating) license.They're very supportive and very helpful. Highly recommend their service

  • Vijay R

  • -Tier 2 license-London

Brilliant service - Tier 2 license process sorted out very quickly, great communication, answered emails.I would definitely recommend to anyone. Many thanks to Loyal Immigration .

  • Joyel

  • -Spouse visa-Sheffield

It was amazing experience working with Loyal Immigration team, getting my spouse visa approved.I would definitely recommend Loyal immigration to any of my family and friends for his knowledge for UK visa and immigration and the exceptional level of service.

  • Dinesh Bora

  • -Tier 2 ICT to Tier 1 Entrepreneur-Croydon

Very reliable,quick response and client focused. Mr Kumar was really helpful,efficient and well mannered professional.I am very glad that I choose him and team for my visa processing and documentation.He gives a lot of confidence and help you understand what is required paperwork.This gave me confidence and I was able to get my Tier 1 entrepreneur visa.

  • A Agarwal

  • -Ltd company Tier 2 General License-Essex

I am really pleased with choosing Loyal Immigration Ltd for my company Tier 2 license process.Loyal Immigration team provided a very professional and timely services.Very professional and quick response on any queries. I appreciate your help to get my company license .

  • Srikanth Reddy

  • -Tier 2 General License-UK

Kumar, gave us great direction and his knowledge to get Tier 2 general License for my Limited company in the UK. We found his service to be consistently excellent throughout the entire process.He was always available to provide advice throughout the License process.Would highly recommend Loyal Immigration's services for Tier 2 license application.

  • Karthik Raman

  • -Tier 1 entrepreneur-Chennai

Thanks to Loyal Immigration team that I received my Tier 1 entrepreneur visa within 5 working days of submitting my application. They are very professional and knowledgeable team who are true to their words and do not make false promises. I will definitely refer Loyal Immigration to everyone who need UK immigration help. Thanks again to the team for guiding me through the entire process and making it a smooth and pleasant journey.

  • Ranjit

  • -Tier 2 licnese-Birmingham

Loyal Immigration Ltd was very helpful and professional throughout my company's license process. Thanks to their help, we were able to finalise the whole thing with minimum effort, and without making any mistakes. Would highly recommend.Fast and quick response.

  • Vinay

  • -Tier 2 license-Leeds

We would like to acknowledge the work of Loyal Immigration in assisting our Tier 2 License application. Very helpful and timely, reassurance and advice helped me get my company Tier 2 license earlier than anticipated.We highly recommended Loyal immigration for anyone who really needs support to get the license.

  • Shweta Reddy & Family

  • -Tier 1 Business visa-AP,India

Me and my family would like to express our extreme satisfaction with Loyal Immigration's services.My Tier 1 Business visa Application was approved everything was done smoothly and well within the timeframes. I would recommend to anyone wants to do Tier 1 Business visa process to go with them.

  • Raju

  • -Tier 2 General License-Sheffield

I would like to say thank you to the Office of Loyal Immigration for their help in processing my Ltd company sponsorship license application.I highly recommend anyone to use their service to get company license very easily.

  • Sandeep Rao

  • -T1 Dep ILR-Croydon

My wife got her ILR status recently, all thanks to Mr. Manoj from Loyal Immigration's office . I sincerely thanks to Mr.Manoj and the entire team and highly recommend them for immigration services.

  • Narendra

  • -Limited company Tier 2 License-Glasgow

My most recent experience with Loyal team has been excellent.Granted my company Tier 2 license very smoothly. Very knowledgeable, prompt to reply and always professional and courteous.Fantastic service. Thanks for your great help.

  • Jagadeesh

  • -Visitor visa-London

Thanks to the team at Loyal Immigration. My Mother managed to get her UK 2 years tourist visa successfully after multiple rejection from UKVI.I totally recommend them

  • Moorthy Liverpool

  • -British Citizenship-Liverpool

I used this company for my British Naturalisation.I would definitely refer any one who would ask me about immigration services.

  • Deepak

  • -Tier 2 General License-Birmingham

Fantastic and professional service. Very transparent. They were patient with our so many questions and we are able to make us understand every single step of what they were doing.I totally recommend them

  • Mr Prasad

  • -Tier 2 General-Manchester

Loyal Immigration will not only make your application process easy and successful, they will be in constant touch with the client proactively. Please go for their services without hesitation. We too approached them by their former client's recommendation. Our heartful thanks to Mr Manoj Kumar!

  • Trupti Bhattacharya

  • -Tier 1 entrepreneur Visa-Bangalore

Very happy to give my feedback to the wonderful team of Loyal Immigration. I have got my Tier 1 entrepreneur Visa done through them.They do perfect documentation which is the most important part of the process.Great Job! We got through the process very quickly.Thanks again by Trupti and Family,Bangalore

  • Anand

  • -Tier 2 general Sponsor Licence -Birmingham

Just got an e mail from UK sponsorship team my company Tier 2 license application is successful. The whole process was quite fast, and I got an excellent service from Loyal Immigration team. I am very happy with their work and highly recommend them to anyone looking for company License.

  • Milesh Mehta

  • -Tier 2 general Sponsor Licence -Bromley

I am so appreciate I met the lawyer in this office.The group is professional, dedicated and efficient. I got my Ltd company licence recently.We highly recommend Office Loyal Immigration Ltd. We are just one of the many who have been very grateful to have chosen their firm to represent us. Thank you once again!

  • Ravikrishanan Meyyappan

  • -ILR-Scotland

My wife got her ILR status recently, all thanks to Mr. Kumar from Loyal Immigration office representing us.

  • Lorraine McGrath

  • -EEA PR-Leeds

I contacted Loyal Immigration for assistance in applying my Permanent Resident card and related documentation. It was not as straight forward of a process given my husband and I were living outside of the country for a time.From my initial correspondence with Loyal Immigration ,I was very impressed by the team extensive knowledge and ability to share the information in an understandable manner.Thanks a lot Loyal Immigration team.If you are looking for a responsible immigration lawyer, I highly recommend .

  • Sudhir Reddy

  • -Tier 2 ICT switch to Tier 2 General visa-Bath

I highly recommend working with Loyal Immigration team. I was nervous of the process of getting settled in UK with My family. However, I was contacted with Mr.Kumar, he provided us honest and straightforward council and made the process far easier than I expected.You will be in great hands if you choose to go with Loyal Immigration team

  • Nitin Sharma

  • -Tier 2 ICT dependent to Tier 1 Entrepreneur -Bangalore

My experience with Loyal Immigration was really successful and positive. Mr. Kumar helped me to obtain my Tier 1 entrepreneur visa from India in a month time.I strongly recommend Loyal Immigration to others for their visa services.Thank you very much Mr. Kumar and team

  • Rajesh Patel

  • -T2 License for my Ltd company-London

I am very thankful to the team who helped my Ltd company License process. Their service was outstanding.Thanks for all your help and support.This company is trusted.

  • Anup Kumar

  • -Tier 2 general Sponsor Licence -Leicester

Absolutely impressed with the service. I was very scared after looking at the reviews from friends and internet. All done, and I got my company licence in less than 3 months. They did charge a fee for the process.But I can agree its totally worth it!

  • Deepa Doreswamy

  • -Child British Passport-Milton Keynes

Thank you for your prompt support and guidance provided to my son's MN1(British Citizenship)Application. Will specifically want to point out Mr Kumar.He has been absolutely fantastic throughout the entire process. Very professional and very helpful.Due to this I received my son's Passport approval within 2 months.Thanks once again for the support provided and I would definitely recommend your services to anyone wishing for immigration.

  • Vinayak Appari

  • -Visit Visa-Reading

We have received parents visitor visa within 4 working days. We have received all the originals documents. Thanks to all the proper documentation and support.

  • Kishore

  • -Tier 2 General-Sutton

I thank you for all the assistance you provided, right from the time I started enquiring about possible visa options from Tier 2 ICT visa, through the documentation processes and till visa granted.

  • Ankit

  • -T4 visa-Ilford

kittulool from London

  • Vijay Mehta

  • -Tier 1 entreprenuer-Ilford

They helped us to solve the complexities and it was very smooth process to extend the visa within 5 months with great help and support. Really appreciate the timely response and professional approach from the team. Thank you very much!!!!

  • Praveen Reddy

  • -Visa consulting-Liverpool

I strongly recommend.

  • Hussain V N

  • -Dependent visa-London

I was struggling for my dependent visa with a refusal.After approaching Loyal Immigration they guide me step by step and it was very smooth process and my visa got granted in 4 working days through premium service.Thanks a lot to Loyal Immigration team.I strongly recommend.

  • Deepak Patel

  • -Tier 2 licence-Leeds

I wanted to thank your team for the work done on my company Tier 2 licence process. Will specifically want to point out Mr Kumar who was handling my company licence process, documentation for the hard work and efforts taken to ensure to make a successful outcome. I will definitely recommend your services.

  • Ravinder Kosala

  • -Tier 2 Sponsorship License-Stratford

I have taken service from Loyal immigration to get my Tier2 License for my Limited company. Thorugh their professinal advice and expertise, my company got the license in 2 and half months time. Really appreciate sincere and expert service with high commitment.

  • Maya Puneet

  • -Tier 1 General to ILR-Liverpool

Excellent UK immigration service Friendly and very efficient team. They successfully completed my ILR case that had less chances of success. I am very happy with the team and outcome .I am strongly recommend to use their services.

  • Hareesh Reddy

  • -British Spouse visa-Aberdeen

I received my passport and documents with my 2 and half years spouse visa. I really want to say thank you so much for your assistance and your prompt service. I am happy to recommend you to anyone .Thanks again

  • Christeen John

  • -EEA Spouse visa-Croydon

Many thanks to Loyal Immigration Ltd. After a failed attempt to bring my partner to the UK, I decided to get some help from legal adviser. They made what I thought at first complicated seem so easy and my husband’s visa granted in 2 weeks time

  • Amit Aggarwal

  • -Tier 1 general to ILR-London

I would like to thank and appreciate for all your efforts and assistance for my ILR. I will recommend Loyal Immigration to my relatives and friends for sure. Good team work ! Appreciate your help. You guys give best consulting ever!

  • Remya Padmakumar

  • -Visitor visa to UK-London

I applied visit visa for my mom and it got approved in 8 days. Thanks a lot for your help and support to get a quick approval.-Remya

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